Working at CHG

5 core values our people live by

What makes CHG Healthcare a great place to work? Our people and the core values they uphold every day:

  • Putting People First
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Quality and Professionalism
  • Growth

These core values are the foundation of our people-centric culture, providing us the opportunity to elevate our thinking and empowering our people to be their best.

Learn more about each of our core values:

1. Putting People First

Putting People First is at the core of everything we do. That means we make decisions with the best interests of our people in mind and consider the thoughts and feelings of others before acting. It also ensures we live our purpose of making a difference to each other, our customers, and our community.

2. Continuous Improvement

Getting better every day is in our DNA. We don’t coast. We don’t procrastinate. By improving ourselves, our culture and our business, we also improve our ability to make a difference.

3. Integrity and Ethics

All of our actions and decisions rest on a foundation of integrity and ethics. It’s as important today as ever, and we make a difference by encouraging others to do the same.

4. Quality and Professionalism

We earn our reputation for industry-leading quality every day. And we hold ourselves to high standards that ultimately make a difference in the lives of physicians, patients, and society at large.

5. Growth

The growth of our business serves a purpose larger than itself. It allows us to increase the good we do and creates more opportunities for our people, our healthcare professionals, and our clients.

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