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CHG Healthcare shook up healthcare in 1979 by inventing the locum tenens staffing model, which enables physicians to fill in where there’s a temporary need or shortage of care. Today, we connect doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with patients all over the world who need their care. As the largest locum tenens staffing firm in America, our providers treat millions of patients each year.

Many different opportunities to grow your sales career

Our industry is growing, and demand is high, so if you’re a hard-working and motivated sales professional you’ll have plenty of opportunity to advance in your career. There are many different sales jobs at CHG; here’s a brief introduction to a few of the most common.

Think big! | CHG Healthcare Enterprise Client Solutions

Are you ready to build strong partnerships with leaders of some of the largest healthcare organizations in America? Consider applying for one of these roles with CHG’s Enterprise Client Solutions Group.

Business Development Executive

  • Research and contact new and existing clients to solicit new business for all of CHG’s divisions
  • Work to cultivate strong relationships with C-level executives
  • Deliver strategic financial and service results for some of the country’s largest health systems

Account Manager

  • Manage the day-to-day interactions and workflow with existing clients representing all of CHG’s divisions
  • Foster strong relationships and identify opportunities to grow the business

Small but feisty | CompHealth Allied

CompHealth Allied may not be CHG’s largest division, but it’s one of the scrappiest. Just like the allied healthcare providers we serve, we make a big impact by bringing healthcare to patients who might otherwise have to travel long distances or go without care.

Provider Representative/Inside Sales

  • Reach out to allied health professionals to learn their career goals
  • Build a network of interested providers
  • Match them with healthcare facilities that need their services

Client Representative

  • Help healthcare facilities get the providers they need to meet patient demand
  • Work with prospective and current clients to solicit business and strengthen the relationship
  • Communicate needs and requirements to provider representatives
CompHealth sales representatives

Work for the locum tenens O.G. | CompHealth Locum Tenens

CompHealth was the first company to offer locum tenens staffing and is still the industry leader in connecting physicians to healthcare facilities that need their help. There are many sales roles at CompHealth where you can grow in your career and make a big difference in the lives of others.

Associate Recruiter/Associate Sales Consultant

  • Assist with research and sales-related support activities
  • Contact leads to generate new candidate applications
  • Respond to new inquiries
  • Call existing candidates in database to help generate and assess interest in specific job opportunities

Physician Recruiter/Sales Consultant

  • Find and contact physicians who are interested in working locum tenens
  • Match them up with jobs that meet their unique needs
  • Build and maintain long-term relationships that make a difference in the lives of both physicians and their patients

Sales Coach

  • Monitor and evaluate sales staff performance
  • Assist in the development of curriculum for new sales hires and existing staff
  • Perform side-by-side coaching and group instruction
  • Help sales team members to learn how to manage their pipelines, improve their selling technique, and develop in their careers

Sales Manager/Director

  • Assist division leaders in setting and achieving division’s goals
  • Run your own desk and support the production and performance of your sales team
  • Help your team develop and contribute to the overall success of the organization
RNnetwork nurse recruiter in front of mural

Getting nurses where they’re needed | RNnetwork

Nurses are well known as the backbone of healthcare. Doctors may get most of the glory, but nurses are the ones who are always at the bedside. As a leading provider of travel nurses, RNnetwork plays a critical role in getting nurses to where they are needed the most.

Nurse Recruiter

  • Provide prospective nurse travelers with information regarding available positions
  • Maintain regular contact with nurses during assignments
  • Encourage nurses to contract for additional assignments
  • Become a nurse’s friend and advocate

Staffing all around the world | Global Medical Staffing

From Australia to New Zealand, healthcare facilities worldwide have an urgent need for doctors. A need Global Medical Staffing was born to fill, matching doctors with clients all around the world. If you’re as unique and adventurous as the assignments we offer, consider joining the Global team.

Physician Recruiter/Inside Sales

  • Act as the single point of contact for physicians
  • Coordinate all aspects of the sales process
  • Negotiate the recruitment, interviewing, marketing, and hiring of candidates with existing clients in the U.S. and abroad

Join the locum tenens experts | Weatherby Healthcare

Weatherby Healthcare prides itself on being the leader in providing highly qualified locum tenens physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to healthcare facilities in all 50 states. Weatherby may not be the first, but nobody does it better.

Associate Recruiter/Associate Sales Consultant

  • Support the sales team and assist Weatherby sales consultants in recruiting providers
  • Gain the experience and skills to run your own desk as a successful sales consultant

Physician Recruiter/Inside Sales Consultant

  • Establish strong, trusting relationships with both physicians and healthcare facilities
  • Reach out to doctors to learn their career goals
  • Match them with healthcare facilities that need their services

Sales Leader

  • Lead a high-performance sales team to reach ambitious goals
  • Identify opportunities for team member growth and development
  • Be a coach and mentor who inspires your team to strive for excellence and be successful in achieving their goals

Ready to learn more?

If you’re a go-getter, you could really make a name for yourself on one of our high-performing sales teams. Check out our open positions and apply today!

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