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What is the future of working from home in Utah? CHG weighs in

A new study conducted by Filterby ranks Utah 8th on the list of most-prepared states to work from home. ABC4 reached out to Utah companies to see if the study tells an accurate story.

Rachel Klemens, culture director at CHG, told ABC4 teams are really enjoying working from home.

“Our people really like the flexibility. They have the freedom to work around the other things going on in their house — whether that’s helping kids with online school or caring for family members.”

CHG equipped employees with laptops and desk chairs when all employees were moved into their homes to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in March of 2020.

Klemens says, “We went from having 100 remote workers to 3,000 over the course of about 10 days. We had to figure out how to make sure we had enough computer bandwidth. That people could use video conference tools. That people could operate without landlines. It was a million little things, but thanks to a great IT team, we figured it out.

Although some of the CHG’s offices have reopened for employees who need a break from working remote, most of our workforce has chosen to continue working from home.

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