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Thank goodness it’s – Fry Day?

Our accounts receivable team likes to celebrate holidays. We’re talking every holiday. They recently planned to have a get-together for National Junk Food Day.

They started talking the day before about bringing in junk food to celebrate, but they wanted to up the ante; the food had to be even junkier than usual. Someone mentioned a deep fryer, and it took off from there.

Corporate collections specialist Cody West and A/R customer relations specialist Miguel Martinez found a recipe for batter online, and West picked up Twinkies, Swiss Rolls, peanut butter bars and Oreos. Others brought vegetables, bananas, string cheese and even a slice of pizza.

“What started out as a joke turned into a fat-frenzied reality that will not soon be forgotten,” West said.


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  • IÕm truly sorry I missed it Ð ok so not really. But IÕll be here on Wednesday for National Banana Split Day :0)

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