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My development journey: Corey Daniels

After deciding to sell a small business and make a career change in 2011, Corey Daniels reached out to a friend who worked at our RNnetwork (RNN) division to see if there was a sales position available. He interviewed at both RNN and our Weatherby division — and ultimately landed a job as a sales rep at Weatherby.

As many salespeople do, Corey struggled for a while trying to get doctors placed on assignments. It was the people on his team and throughout his division who kept him motivated and coming to work each day. With a little success, he soon realized he could build a career here and become a part of the CHG family.

“You don’t find companies that offer growth opportunities like CHG does,” he shares. “Options are endless here.”

Corey discovered he was really good at the relationship building aspect of the job but there still seemed to be a disconnect between him and his providers. During a 1:1 with his leader, Corey realized he might fit better as a client rep because pitching and selling the value of our services felt more natural — he was right!

As a client rep, he found his groove and his career really took off for nearly five years. Then, in 2015, when a leadership opportunity as a billing sales manager became available, he enrolled in our People Centered Leadership (PCL) training, which prepared him for that job.

While some people find growth to be scary, Corey says, “Don’t be afraid to take the leap! Don’t be afraid of a new challenge. CHG has plenty of opportunities. Trust the process, be okay with the outcome, and most importantly, be open to feedback.”

In only six months, he was promoted to another sales manager role and a year later, a senior sales manager. Eventually, an opportunity arose in the talent acquisition department that caught Corey’s eye — one that would allow Corey to spend more time with his son, Chase, and pursue his passion for helping other consultants grow their business. Since July 2018, he has excelled there as a senior manager.

Looking toward the future, Corey isn’t chasing a title but is open to the Continuous Improvement and Growth that comes with working at CHG. “My role offers such a variety of daily challenges, which I view as growth opportunities,” he says.

For now, Corey is excited to have the flexibility he needs to spend quality time with his son and is dedicated to helping his team hit their individual and team goals.

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