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Providing help to healthcare facilities during COVID-19

If you are a healthcare system, hospital, clinic, or other healthcare delivery organization in need of healthcare providers we have access to clinicians nationwide that are available and willing to help. If you have a need we can help you with please call 866.588.5996 or email.

Working to find you the providers you need

CHG Healthcare is working with hospitals, medical groups, and other healthcare facilities across the country to best understand where we can help fill needs as the country’s physician workforce battles the COVID-19 disease.

As you are likely aware, in some parts of the country hospitals and clinics are seeing large spikes in patient demand.  In other states and municipalities clinics are closing due to quarantine and social distancing, and elective procedures and non-essential appointments are being cancelled. At the same time many healthcare providers are freeing up their schedules to provide life saving services where they are needed most.

COVID-19 Updates

If you are looking for more information on how CHG is handling the COVID-19 pandemic check out our Coronavirus Impacts and Updates blog.

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