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CHG’s Christine VanCampen shares culture tips with Entrepreneur

Christine VanCampen

In the Entrepreneur article, “The Secret to Employee Happiness – Revealed,” CHG senior vice president Christine VanCampen shares the ways CHG fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie and creates a workplace where employees enjoy going to each day.

“We believe that by making our people a priority and creating programs that encourage them to build relationships and friendships, they will be happier and, in turn, want to stay with the company,” Christine shares.

One of these relationship-building programs is our Employee Network Groups, which allows employees to use company resources, as well as $500 per year, to form clubs or groups based on their personal interests.

“We currently have 80 groups with more than half of our employees participating in at least one — if not more — of the groups, which range from outdoor-enthusiast groups to book clubs to service-oriented groups,” she says.

Read the full article on Entrepreneur.

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